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(left to right)

Cameron Hill (bass)

Gavin Bowles (vocals, guitar)

Michael Crudgington (guitar)

Simon Bowles (drums)


Photo : Peach Mystique


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Sydney Power Pop quartet Gavin Bowles & The Distractions hit the ground running in 2023;

after releasing a series of catchy singles (“On The Telephone (I Used to Call You)”, “Break My Heart”

and “Here Comes The Heartache”) and blazing through a stellar run of headline shows,

the band has now released their debut album “Phoning It In”.


Bowles has made a name for himself recording and touring Aus in various outfits over the years,

before dabbling in solo territory and eventually enlisting The Distractions. Stylistically Bowles’ influences

range from Rockabilly to Indie Rock and Punk Rock, but it’s with this set of new songs that he’s tapped into his unabashed love of 70’s and 80’s Power Pop.

“Phoning It In” is a sharp, no-holds-barred album of zippy pop-rock songs dealing with heartbreak, boredom, anxiety and nostalgia. The album is sonically driven by The Distractions incredibly tight and nuanced performances; flourishes of bright guitars, hop-along bass lines and watertight drum grooves paint an adoring landscape for Bowles heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics. Lead single “On The Telephone (I Used to Call You)” is a nostalgia-dipped fever dream of teenage infatuation over the landline. Whereas the second and third singles “Break My Heart” and

“Here Comes The Heartache”; reveal a more candid and vulnerable side, dealing with lost love

and the anxieties of leaving a life behind.


Bowles & The Distractions have quickly gained a reputation for their energetic and refined live shows in the lead up to their debut album. “Phoning It In” is a blistering troupe of catchy and earnest pop-rock songs that

combine their Power Pop influences with Indie Rock sensibilities and showcase The Distractions talents

along with Bowles charm, wit, sincerity and humour.

Bowles and his gang clearly know their way around sizeable hooks, and this record is absolutely packed with great choruses and pleasingly familiar riffs.

The album's title might well show a self-deprecating humour,

but 'Phoning It In' is anything but lazy.

- Real Gone

Gavin Bowles & The Distractions make a noise as bristling

and as impeccably sharp as their facial hair,

impressive and wild as hell. As keen as a blade to the throat,

it’s madly danceable too, a pair of dancing shoes

with razor blades in the toecap.

- The Underground Stage


Zesty power-pop that bursts with a fun, rambunctious energy

that takes hold of your senses from the first note.



In essence, Gavin Bowles & The Distractions apply

90’s pop-rock to more refined,

60’s-flavoured lyricism, building a compelling sonic picture

that feels fresh and engaging,

while drenched in tradition. Through introspective and wholesome lyricism, the Aussie talents offer solace

and comfort to whoever might need it.

- Mesmerized


The Distractions wreak of: Bop, brews, and big nights out fun. Adding dashes of The Cars & Wall of Voodoo framing

to their backing of Gavin - the natural frontman - Bowles.

- The Music Producer

Perhaps sentimentality colours recollections of the

1970's and 80's making them less fraught

with troublesome complexities, but radiant songs like these shined in those eras; and they make life today a positive gas.

- DC Larson's Jukebox Jury

Live shots by The Underground Stage

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