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(left to right)

Cameron Hill (bass)

Gavin Bowles (vocals, guitar)

Michael Crudgington (guitar)

Simon Bowles (drums)


​All photos : Peach Mystique



“On The Telephone (I Used to Call You)” is the first single from Gavin Bowles & The Distractions upcoming debut album “Phoning It In”. Written as an escapism from the uncertainties of 2020-2021, “On The Telephone” is a nostalgia-dipped fever dream of teenage infatuation over the landline. Clocking in at just over 2 minutes, it’s a short, sharp Power Pop track with flourishes of bright guitars and an uptempo groove that harkens back to a simpler time, when calling your crush was as nerve-racking as it was endearing.


Bowles has made a name for himself recording and touring Aus in various outfits over the years, before dabbling in solo territory for the first time; releasing a series of singles and an album in 2020, which resulted in the forming of The Distractions. Stylistically Bowles’ influences range from Rockabilly to Indie Rock and Punk Rock, but it’s with this set of new songs that he’s tapped into his unabashed love of 70’s and 80’s Power Pop – evoking groups like The Jam, Blondie, Elvis Costello and The Buzzcocks. Catchy vocal melodies accompanied by glistening guitars, hop-along bass lines and watertight drum grooves.


Slated for a late 2023 release, “Phoning It In” deals with themes of boredom, anxiety, heartbreak and nostalgia. The album serves as a testament to resilience; written during a time of personal struggles, Bowles used “the cheapest form of therapy” to forge on through a tough time. The result is a blistering troupe of zippy pop-rock songs, combining Power Pop influences with Indie Rock sensibilities that showcase

The Distractions talents along with Bowles charm, wit, sincerity and humour.

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