June 6
Station Bar, Katoomba 8pm
June 11
Royal Hotel, Camden 8:30pm
June 18
Oriental Hotel, Springwood 5pm
June 24
Frankies Pizza, Sydney 9pm

(Gavin Bowles & The Distractions "Modern Rage Tour")
June 27
O'Donoghues, Emu Plains 12pm

July 3
The Gem Bar, Collingwood VIC 9pm

(Gavin Bowles & The Distractions "Modern Rage Tour")
July 16
Oriental Hotel, Springwood 5pm
July 30
Bootlegger, Katoomba 9pm

(Gavin Bowles & The Distractions "Modern Rage Tour")

Modern Rage Tour poster web.jpg

"This Year's Modern" Album Launch

Frankies Pizza Dec 10, 2020

"Got to love an album launch! This one was an absolute

debut-tie: This Year’s Modern, which is also a track on the same album fyi. A packed to the gills, (new) bigger capacity,

‘crikey when will this restriction (shit) be over’ crowd at Frankies absolutely jived all over it last night. And so they jolly well

should have, it was excellent.

Now call me a nostalgia buff, but I think Gavin has musically heated the cauldron & boiled up: Stray Cats, Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello with even dollops of Spandau Ballet and bathed in their condensed essence to emerge fresh from this (shitful) year producing; hip swaying, head-bobbin’ happy-smile producing, good-time vibes music. Not only that; an entire album of it!

Gavin was going off like a box of crackers, but wasn’t to be outdone by the covertly named Distractions, who by virtue of playing their arses off; were nothing short of highly

entertaining rather than distracting.

This album is a winner. An upbeat and happy chronicle of 2020 that has complete jive-ability to it. Fun, frenetic, funky and flagrantly ignoring the challenges we all faced this year by producing a positive soundtrack for moving into the party season, as if it never happened. Loved it Gavin & boys, keep up the outstanding work. Rating: 9/10 guitars."

- The Music Producer