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"This album is a winner. An upbeat and happy chronicle of 2020 that has complete jive-ability to it. Fun, frenetic, funky and flagrantly ignoring the challenges we all faced this year by producing a positive soundtrack for moving into the party season, as if it never happened."

- The Music Producer

"Gavin's music recalls an era when music was intelligent, but also fun and exciting"

- Blue Mountains Live

"Have you ever asked what happens when ‘rock kids’ grow up? This is what Gavin Bowles attacks with his latest album,

“This Year’s Modern”. Songs like "Apartmentality”, “Slave”, “The Daily Grind” and ‘Ships in the Night” paint a rich story of living and working today using very slick, intelligent and catchy writing. This is thinking man’s rock’n’roll, with every track worth taking note of what Gavin is singing about." - Music In The Mountains

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"This Year's Modern" 2020

1. Modern Rage

2. Slave

3. Apartmentality

4. Can You Hear Me Calling

5. This Year's Modern

6. Ships In The Night

7. The Daily Grind

8. Real Life

9. Human Error

10. Monkey Man

11. Boy From An Unknown Planet

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"Killin' Time" Single


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"King of Nothing" EP


1. King of Nothing

2. This Town

3. Get it Right

4. Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

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